A quick history of our company

Connectivity-Labs LLC ("C-Labs"), founded in 2009 in Redmond WA, pro vides connectivity as well as secure remote and mobile access for industrial sensors, devices and machinery.

In 2017 C-Labs was acquired by TRUMPF, a large German machine manufacturer, and in 2020 C-Labs was spun out again in order to maintain the core technology of C-Labs the "C-DEngine" as Open Source on Github.

This is what we do

C-Labs helps customers develop scalable, secure, and simpleto-use solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Our flag-ship is the free "Factory-Relay". It provides the core application that can easily be extended to complex industrial IoT solutions.

Questions you should ask yourself
  • Do you need a secure way to send data from industrial machines to your IT service?

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