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Platform Support

Issues and Question related to OS platforms the Factory-Relay can run on

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The Factory-Relay supports the following platforms:

  • Windows 7-10 - with .NET 5 installed
  • Windows Server 2012 - 2019 - with .NET 5 installed
    • if you want to run the Factory-Relay in IIS, please contact us
  • Linux (Debian or Ubuntu)

We are working on supporting the Mac 

About Plugins

Issues and Question related to Plugins for the Factory-Relay

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Plugins contain all the business logic for the Home-Relay. Plugins can contain:

  • Device Connectors that represent specific devices in your Home (i.e. HUE, WEMO, AVRs, Doorbells etc)
  • Service Connectors to services like Azure IoT Hub, SQL Server or MQTT Broker
  • Services and automation routines. For example data converters, virtual sensors, image lists or playlist generators
  • NMI Extensions that enhance and enrich the user interface

You can find these plugins in our Plugin Store from within the Home-Relay

We are working on a developer program that will allow you to publish and sell your own plugins.

General Questions

Any other questions can be found here

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Yes its free. It comes with a set of base plugins. You can look for more plugins in our store. Some premium plugins might cost a subscription in the future

The source code of the C-DEngine can be found here: C-DEngine Github Link

The source code of many plugins can be found here: C-DEngine Plugins

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