When you download the free Factory-Relay you get a base set of Plugins for industrial communication, business services and digital twin representations.

One of these plugins is for the integration with Tech Soft 3D HOOPS. It allows you to connect any industrial device ("Thing") to a position, axis movement, or camera angle of HOOPs

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Here's What Else You Get

Modern User Interface

Our Natural Machine Interface (NMI) provides built-in user interface support for the Factory-Relay, making it quick and easy to build great looking user interfaces for modern browsers and mobile devices

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Industrial Protocols

Out of the box, the Factory-Relay supports the most important industrial protocols such as OPC UA and Modbus. The C-Labs plugin library supports many other protocols

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Mesh Communication

The Factory-Relay can be set up to seamlessly and securely connect multiple networks to forward industrial data to anywhere across the globe.

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Easy to Extend

All core components of the Factory-Relay are Open Source. Check out how we worked together with TRUMPF to make the source code available!

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